“Learning for our future”

St. Paul Apostle South is committed to providing high quality programs to enable all students to achieve personal success. Topics studied are engaging and actively involve students in their own learning. Units of work are challenging and extend the prior knowledge of the students.


At St. Paul Apostle South School, we believe that to be literate means to find meaning, to understand, to comprehend, to make sense of, to symbolically represent, to articulate, to represent, to speak, to enjoy conversation and communication.

The goal of the English curriculum is to assist students to analyse, understand and make meaning, in order to communicate with and build relationships with others.

We provide a high quality literacy program that equips students with a broad range of literacy knowledge and skills to confidently meet the challenges of life. Our balanced literacy program focuses on reading, writing, oral language and visual language.

To successfully implement the literacy program at our school, we have:

High expectations of student achievement:

  • Regular assessments and monitoring of students’ progress
  • Students are individually tested each term to establish their instructional levels. This is important to ensure that all students receive guided instruction at a level that allows them to process texts successfully with teacher support
  • Setting of growth targets
  • Intervention when required (Reading Recovery, Quick 60, Speech)
  • Learning support officers to assist students
  • Literacy leader and Student Services leader

Structured teaching focused on the learning needs of the students:

  • Daily uninterrupted 2-hour literacy session where the following structure is used- whole class (shared class), small groups (focus time), whole class (reflecting time)
  • The Daily 5 concept has been adapted to provide a structure and framework for our literacy rotation groups, consistent from Prep to Grade 6.
  • The use of the CAFÉ Menu reflects a comprehensive number of strategies, which can be tailored to meet student needs at every level within the school. The system includes goal setting for students and developing explicit instruction based on individual goals and emerging needs
  • Explicit teaching of writing is necessary to support the development of student writing. Therefore, the planning, teaching and assessing of writing follows the Teaching and Learning Cycle framework of: Building the Field, Modelling/Deconstruction of text, Joint Construction of text and Independent Construction of text.

Engaged learning time:

  • Using a variety of teaching and learning strategies (e.g. Reader’s Theatre, Literature Circles, Oral Language activities, Interactive read alouds, mentor texts etc.)
  • Use of contemporary tools for teaching and learning (computers, interactive whiteboards, Web 2.0 tools etc.)


At St Paul Apostle South, we believe Mathematics is a key life skill and therefore a priority learning area. All students can be successful mathematicians. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes a love of maths, encourages risk taking with high expectations for all students.

We aim to provide:

  • quality opportunities for all children to experience success
  • a contemporary approach to the teaching of Mathematics
  • focussed, explicit teaching to allow all children to succeed in maths
  • specific materials and resources to support all students in their mathematical learning
  • ongoing, authentic feedback for all learners
  • pre and post testing to assess the strengths and challenges of every individual child
  • opportunities for all students to explain their mathematical thinking and understandings.

At St Paul Apostle South, we are working towards all students becoming independent mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.

Religious Education

At St Paul Apostle South, we promote, teach and live by the Gospel values of Jesus Christ – values of love, compassion, respect for the dignity of each human person and respect for the world around us.

All students take part in the Religious Education program which becomes integrated with all aspects of the child’s education.
Through reflection and prayer students are helped to experience, a deepened relationship with God, good relationships with others, a greater love of the Church, and empowerment to work to create a just world.

Liturgies, preparation for sacraments, faith celebrations and Parish celebrations play a great part in our families’ experiences of belonging to the community of St.Paul Apostle Parish
Our Sacramental Program is organised by the Parish and followed up and supported in the classrooms. The children prepare for the receiving of the Sacraments at the following level:

  • Grade 3 Reconciliation
  • Grade 4 Eucharist
  • Grade 5 Confirmation
  • STEM

    At St. Paul Apostle South, STEM includes –


    To assist students to enhance their own and others’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing and to contribute to building healthy, safe and active communities.

    Humanities – History, Civics and Citizenship, Geography

    To assist students to inquire into and understand the past and the influences that shape societies. To develop active and informed citizens who participate in and sustain Australian democracy. To develop students’ knowledge and inquiry into the earth and its features, populations and their impact.

    Science – Chemical, Biological, Physical, Earth and Space

    To assist students in building knowledge of the chemical processes that explain the behaviour of material things. To assist students in building knowledge of the nature of having things. To assist students in building knowledge of the physical processes that explain the behaviour of material things. To assist students in building knowledge of the earth and its place in the cosmos.

    General Capabilities – Personal and Social, Critical and Creative thinking, Intercultural understanding, Ethical understanding

    Specialist Subjects

    At St Paul Apostle South, we offer a broad range of specialist subjects to ensure that each student receives a full and well-rounded education.  In these curriculum areas, students are given opportunities to learn and develop an extensive range of life-long skills.  Individual talents are recognized, developed and nurtured, not only within scheduled class time, but through various events throughout the year, where students can demonstrate their talents to the school and wider community.

    Visual Arts and Performing Arts

    The Arts curriculum is divided into two interrelated parts – Performing Arts and Visual Arts with students participating in one hour of music and one hour of art lessons per week.

    School Concert – The school production takes place every two years and is held over two evenings at a community theatre venue.  Each level in the school participates in a high quality performance featuring acting, singing and dancing and provides a wonderful platform for students to showcase their amazing talents.

    Grade 5/6 Production – On alternate years to the school concert, Grade 5/6 students are given the opportunity to once again stage a highly entertaining performance to parents and friends in our school hall.

    Opportunities for community engagement include participation in our school’s Art Show (which is held on alternate years to the school concert).  This is a wonderful social affair for families and friends, who can participate in a variety of activities and view the students’ creative art work which is displayed in a variety of innovative ways around our school.

    Physical Education

    We provide students with knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to achieve a degree of autonomy in developing and maintaining their physical health, through the development of motor skills and movement competence, health-related physical fitness and sport education.

    The students have one hour lessons per week. The year 5 and 6 students also participate in Inter school sports sessions weekly. All the students from Prep to year 6 also participate in the swimming program in term 4.

    Opportunities for representing our school in District, Divisional and Zone competitions are available for students in years 3 to 6 in the areas of swimming, cross country and athletics.


    To assist students to develop communication skills in an alternate language and an understanding of that language and culture of its speakers.

    Mandarin classes run for one hour per fortnight and students enjoy the opportunity to learn a new language as well as build understandings of the customs and culture of China.

    Digital Technology

    To assist students to confidently use technology to create products and solutions, including digital information systems and software instructions.

    Classes participate in a Digital Technology program with a specialist teacher each fortnight (attended by the classroom teacher) in the computer lab.   On alternate weeks, the specialist program is followed up by the classroom teacher.

    Digital Technologies comprises of three related strands: Digital Systems, Data and Information, and Creating Digital Solutions.