Religious Education

At St Paul Apostle South, we promote, teach and live by the Gospel values of Jesus Christ – values of love, compassion, respect for the dignity of each human person and respect for the world around us.

All students take part in the Religious Education program which becomes integrated with all aspects of the child’s education.
Through reflection and prayer students are helped to experience, a deepened relationship with God, good relationships with others, a greater love of the Church, and empowerment to work to create a just world.

Liturgies, preparation for sacraments, faith celebrations and Parish celebrations play a great part in our families’ experiences of belonging to the community of St.Paul Apostle Parish
Our Sacramental Program is organised by the Parish and followed up and supported in the classrooms. The children prepare for the receiving of the Sacraments at the following level:

  • Grade 3 Reconciliation
  • Grade 4 Eucharist
  • Grade 5 Confirmation