St Paul Apostle South

Catholic Primary School, Endeavour Hills

Learning & Teaching


Our school is a linguistically and culturally diverse school, hence we understand the importance of catering to individual needs as well as ensuring that we effectively engage students in their literacy learning by providing differentiated and varied learning opportunities. In Literacy, we provide learning opportunities in 3 areas: Speaking and Listening (Oral language), Reading and Viewing and Writing.

We have implemented a literacy program that focuses on improving student outcome and growth no matter which level the student is at. At our school, we use a range of literacy assessment tools throughout the school year to ascertain the needs of our students. This information is used when planning differentiated instruction. The students are grouped based on their needs and are taught accordingly. For our students who might struggle with literacy, we do offer Reading Recovery intervention as well as a “Levelled Literacy Intervention” program.

We make learning relevant and engaging so that there is continuous growth and improvement in student outcomes.

Faith, Inspire, Challenge, Empower