Vision Statement

At St Paul Apostle South School:

  • We are guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and we respond to today’s world in the light of the Catholic tradition.
  • We are committed to nurturing the whole person so that our students become responsible and connected local and global citizens.
  • We strive to learn continuously in order to best meet the needs of our students in the 21st Century.
  • We respect the dignity of each member of our school community by appreciating the diversity of language, culture and faith.

About Us

St Paul Apostle Parish was founded in 1980. The parish motto “One Family” reflects unity in diversity for this dynamic multicultural Catholic community.

St Paul Apostle South School commenced in 1981 with the support of the Presentation Sisters. A second parish school (St. Paul Apostle North) was established in 1985. Currently, the two parish schools work effectively and harmoniously together.

In 1998 the Passionist priests assumed pastoral leadership with Father Xavier, our current Parish Priest, being appointed in 2016. The Passionists have added a strong spiritual dimension to the school with their focus on families and constant support and generous presence in the school.

St. Paul Apostle South School is a Catholic Primary School that promotes, teaches and lives by the Gospel values and Catholic tradition. Our School community supports each child to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually so that they can find a worthwhile role in society.

Enrolment Information

Before you enrol your child, please make sure you have a memorable school visit.

Applications for enrolment of pupils for the following year’s Prep ( Foundation) class are called for early in the year. Parents are notified about enrolment applications through the school newsletter, the Parish Bulletin, the local newspaper and on preschool notice boards.

All Catholic children who live in the St. Paul Apostle Parish are automatically accepted at St. Paul Apostle South School. Catholic children living outside the parish will be accepted if there is a vacancy and that approval has been sought via the parish. If there are still vacancies after all the above have been placed, other non-catholic children will be accepted. However, the family must demonstrate a desire to participate fully in the school and parish community where possible. An interview with the Parish Priest, Fr Xavier Ubagaraswam, will be arranged for applicants prior to acceptance.

Children can only be enrolled to start school in February of the year in which they turn five, provided their birthday is on or before the 30th April. Parents will need to provide a Certificate of Immunisation from the City of Casey and bring along the child’s Birth and Baptism certificates to be photocopied. Families who have a visa for Australian residency need to give the school a copy of this with the relevant information.

Enrolment Commitment

Parents are expected to support the Catholic ideals and values presented by St. Paul Apostle Parish and agree to do your best to present the same ideas and values at home.

The daily life of school involves the children’s participation in prayer, mass and the sacraments. Parents have an obligation to initiate and continue that participation in their lives.

As first and essential educators of their children, parents recognise their obligation to be actively involved in the life of the school and the parish community.


Fees are determined by the Parish Education Board who endeavour to keep the cost to a minimum. Parents must further undertake to pay all school fees and levies unless circumstances require that a concession be sought from the Principal or Parish Priest. These monies are due and payable when accounts are rendered early March, early May, and early August unless alternative arrangements have been made.There is a variety of methods of payment including cash, credit card, online payments, eftpos. Payments can also be made by direct debit periodic payments.

N.B. Families will not be excluded if there is a concern about affordability. Please see the Principal or Parish Priest to discuss any financial concerns.